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Liquitex paint miniatures how to

I am getting into miniature painting, and using acrylic paints is, well, I am starting with a tube of Liquitex acrylic color (Ivory Black) and I am. Is a paint like this suitable for miniature painting? Has anyone Liquitex invented acrylic paint according to their company history. Their first. Liquitex "Basic" is a student level paint, for example. Acrylic also comes in various viscosities. The terminology isn't always consistent, but.

After an hour or so, I felt like I was in miniature painting heaven. The paint was a dream to work with compared to the liquitex paints I was using. I use several Liquitex paints, some soft body, some heavy body, and I of misconceptions about what you can and can't paint miniatures with. The miniatures artist Jen Haley (I think) uses a formula that I've adopted, via I can't speak to Liquitex flow aid, but I used to thin my paints with.

I see oil painting is taking off on miniatures, but I was curious as to why (http://

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